Thank you for making our first price promo a success!

Our first Baseball Reader price promo is in the books. Thank you to everyone who bought a book (or three) and to all those who stopped by just to browse and see what we had on offer. And a huge thank you to everyone who told a friend or shared one of our many Tweets on Twitter. (And, for as much fun as we've had the past week, no, we won't miss constantly Tweeting about the sale.)

This promo started as an idea batted around among a few authors and grew into a 10-book effort involving five independent authors and the publishers Summer Game Books and The Permanent Press. Keep an eye on Summer Game Books ( They've got a wide-ranging--and growing--list of baseball titles, which as their name probably gave away is all they do.

This has been a learning experience for us, and we hope to apply those lessons to future promotions. If you'd like to keep abreast of what we've got cooking, give our Twitter account (@TheBBReader, a follow. It may be spring before we try another major promo like this, but we'll always be on the lookout for potential deals to bring readers and authors together. (Hey, authors: If you're planning a price promotion, shoot us an email and let's talk.)

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