Keeping your prospectus during jury duty

I had jury duty this week. My number came up, and it was low, and unlike last time I actually had to report. Tuesday, on short notice, I was summoned.

I reported at 1 pm and was made to wait in a big room full of other potential jurors. Other bored potential jurors. Everyone fixated on their phones, or on whatever books they brought in, and waited. I don't like to pry, but I did notice a guy at the table ahead of mine was reading the 2022 Baseball Prospectus. Hats off to him, it's not a light book, or something most folks would tote to jury duty. I myself brought a novel (A Spot of Bother, by Mark Haddon, which I'm enjoying to this point).

I wanted to find an excuse to talk to this guy, and ask him if he was prepping for a last-minute fantasy draft. I never found the chance. But I will offer some major props for hauling the big-ass Baseball Prospectus book through security, just to stave off jury-duty boredom.

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